You know you have an audience, and you know you have content and events.  I help your Deanery, Dioceses, or Organization create a plan to connect the dots.


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What we cover

We design small group break out sessions and lectures to engage your team.

Touchpoint Mapping

How do people engage with your content, and when do they make your content part of their story?

Beyond the Tribe

How do you match what you are saying to who you are saying it to?


How do you organize your community to maintain a consistant presence online?


How do you use the tools you have to be engaging and personal in the online space? Which tools are best?

What's Next?

The internet is always reinventing itself. Where will it be in 5 years?


How do we present ourselves competitively online without sounding like another ad?


How do you make sure your sites are safe, your data is secure, and your user's privacy is protected?


How do you map out the transition from where you are, to having a sustainable system?

Choose your Workshop

Pick the workshop that matches the time your organization has to dedicate to Online Visibility.

Two Hour Workshop

Perfect for a weekday evening
$ 350
  • Tools
  • Beyond the Tribe
  • Touchpoint Mapping
  • Authentic

Full Day

Everything in Two Hour Workshop, + so much more
$ 1,250
  • Planning the project
  • Sustainable
  • What's Next
  • Internet Security