Strategy is

Stop producing content in the dark.

do you wonder what the traffic on your blog is doing?

do you worry about what 'else' to put on it?

are you afraid that people don't read what you write?

Learn how to turn traffic data into action items to increase traffic on your website.

You put a lot of effort into your blog. stop guessing.

Introducing the Content Loop

Produce Search

Ending Content

Step 1

Produce content.  Make it very accessible and shareable on mobile.  Engage with other people in your niche.  Don’t just ‘create content’ create AMAZING content.  Really step up the bar.  Research what your community would find most valuable to spend their time reading, and write it.  Provide TONS of value.  Don’t hold back.


Step 2

Analyze all the sharing data.  When people get high quality content, they share it.  That is just what we do.  See who shared it.  That matters.  Can you segment your audience into groups share different kinds of content?  See where they shared it.  Do they all collect on Pinterest or do your people share on Facebook?  

Talk to your community

Step 3

Talk to your community.  Give them polls.  If you ask for an e-mail address, give them a chance to talk about themselves.  Give them a quiz. Give them a form.  Everyone is their own favorite subject.  People want to talk about what they are interested in.  So let them.

Close the Loop

Step 4

Close the loop by creating high quality content that they ask for.  You now know where your community shares your content.  You know who shares what.  You also know exactly what kind of content they want.  So produce it. Tell them about it. Give them what they ask for.