The Two Hour Workshop is perfect for a group or organization that needs a broad overview, but doesn’t have time to get into the technical details.  Over the course of two hours, i will walk your team through the process of identifying their tribe, and mapping out how people engage with their site.  They will leave being able to describe with greater detail the story their website is telling.




We look at what tools you have at your disposal and map them historically – so you understand not only what you are using and how to use it, but where it fits in the development of the internet.

Beyond the Tribe:

Everyone that looks for something online does so, whether they know it or not, as part of  a particular group of people with similar interests, browsing patterns, and goals.  My exercises are designed to help your team identify which ‘tribe’ they are reaching.

Touchpoint Mapping:

Every piece of content you put out there can be ‘touched’ by a user.  Your team needs to map out how a user makes the transition from finding your content to reading your content to liking your content to finally sharing your content.  This workshop helps them do that.


The church must use the full resources of the internet and social media to present itself, but it must not do so in such a way to look like or in reality be, just another ad.  This workshop is designed to help your church understand and navigate this difference.