The full day workshop takes the lessons began in the Two Hour Workshop and expands upon them with your entire team.  This workshop will empower your team to take start taking advantage of all the web has to offer, instead of responding to it because they have to.



This intensive, full day workshop is designed to guide your team from concept to plan.  Not only do we include everything in the Two Hour Workshop at a more indepth level, we also address the following:


Here we focus on identifying what needs to be in place to continue using the website after it is built.  The journey doesn’t stop once the new website is finished.  We give you best practices and real tools to make sure your site continues to meet your needs.

Planning the Project

What happens first?  Here we introduce what a standard design process looks like so your team knows what to expect when interacting with web developers and designers.  They aren’t walking into this blind, and neither should you.  Know the process so that you can achieve excellence.

What’s Next?

The internet is always reinventing itself.  Where will it be in five years?  Understand where technology is going so that you can be ahead of the curve, not 5 years behind it.

Internet Security

This is a very important topic!  Learn what an SSL actually does, understand the importance of setting up a firewall, and learn some basic hacking prevention techniques as well.  Also learn why hacking is so prevalent.