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Joe Merrill

Web Analytics and Marketing Consultant

Produce Search Ending Content

Have you ever been looking for something on the internet and found that one website that so completely answered your question that your search ended?  You found it.  I’m talking about that one website that not only answered the question you knew you had, but somehow also answered the questions you didn’t even know you had about what you were looking for.  You know it when you see it.  And boy, when you see it, it is glorious.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there is a certain euphoria – a certain and very distinct – pleasure.  Give this feeling to your readers.  If you found this article, I’m assuming a few things about you.

1.) you have a website.

2.) you develop content for a particular niche audience.

3.) you are an expert in your field – and enjoy talking about it and building your audience.

Can I add a fourth?  Become a student of your audience.  Become an expert on them.  Know what they need.

Create content that stops the search process for you audience.  Why?  Two reasons: traffic stays on your site longer, and you get to give that gift of satisfaction to people who discover your site.  You may be wondering how.

“How do I create search ending content?”

1.) Know your audience.  Create an avatar for each segment of your audience.  Answer all their questions.  Replace with out why they ask questions related to your blog – figure out what is behind their questions.  Don’t just provide solutions – give them everything they need right there to answer their question.

2.) Create Expert Posts.  Replace with the 25 people that your audience recognizes as an expert in your area or field or blog subject.  It is perfectly ok (indeed, preferable) if these people are way more qualified then you are.  Contact these 25 people and ask them all the same 3 or 5 questions.  Tell them that their answers will be posted on your blog.  Invite them to drive their own traffic to your blog to see what everyone says.   Design the post either by expert or by question, whatever makes more sense.  You know have an Expert Post.  It not only comprehensively answers questions people have, but it connects people to local (or topical) experts.  We’ll talk more about this in a later post, but sites online that connect people work better then sites that only give information.

3.) Create extremely long resource heavy posts.  Don’t be afraid to go out to 3,000 words and above.  Create a post that is so comprehensive that you can drive traffic to it year round.  Google the question the post answers, and record how it is answered by the top ten sites.  Then do it better.  Include all the content, plus your content.  Link to the expert sites that show up anyway on Google, but also include your answers as well.  Go indepth.  Really dig into the content.

When you create content that is truly search ending, you can drive traffic to it and build your blog around it.  These are the posts that can not only start a blog, but can be used

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