What does it mean, in this age, and in all ages, to be a Christian?

This is a sermon I preached on September 3rd, 2017.  The far right protest in Charlottesville that resulted in a man driving into a crowd and killing a woman had just taken place.  I was (and am still) wrestling with the question of my Christian faith in light of the Age of Trump. In our […]

Is your church GDPR Compliant?

Disclaimer The first thing that must be said, is that I’m not a legal expert, and this doesn’t qualify as legal advice.  That being said, everything that follows is based on extensive research, and is a best practice guide custom designed for churches and non profit organizations.  So, NOT a lawyer. What is GDPR? In […]


The word ‘analysis’ can be scary for many.  For others, it represents opportunity. The word comes from the Greek, and means ‘to break up’ ‘to loosen’ or again, ‘to divide into the parts that make it.’  Analysis is the opposite of synthesis.  Synthesis brings things that are separate together, analysis breaks things that are together […]

Produce Search Ending Content

Have you ever been looking for something on the internet and found that one website that so completely answered your question that your search ended?  You found it.  I’m talking about that one website that not only answered the question you knew you had, but somehow also answered the questions you didn’t even know you […]